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The Bannakaroli Brothers’ mission is to serve God through caring for the spiritual, educational and physical needs of children and the poor. In order to carry out this mission, the Brothers serve as teachers, catechists, technicians, masons, carpenters, electricians, nurses, and other service providers. Through their institutions, they engage in many forms of community service. These include:

1.      Evangelism: the Bannakaroli Brothers offer pastoral services and engage in social work to help children in need.

2.      Education: the Brothers establish and teach in primary and secondary schools, teacher training colleges, technical/vocational schools, and specialized institutes.

3.      Health: the Brothers are involved in providing health services, including both mainstream and herbal (alternative medicine) services.   

4.      Agriculture: the Brothers have set up various animal and crop agricultural activities, including organic farming, dairy and beef farming, poultry farming, and piggery farming.

5.      Economic Development: the Brothers are involved in numerous enterprises that benefit their own communities, train their students in various trades and crafts, and help sustain them economically by providing services to surrounding communities.  These include a hammer milling plant, carpentry and furniture works, shoe making, auto repair, and various other general trade activities.

Below is a partial list and gallery of these projects.  


St. Kizito Technical Institute
Bumangi Technical School
Michaelangelo School of Arts
St. Anthony Technical School
St. Patrick
St. Mugagga
Namugongo Primary 
Sacred Heart Kiteredde
St. Gonzaga Budini
St. Leo's Primary


Watoto Wa Lwanga, Nairobi
Naluddagavu Shoe Factory
St. Joseph Carpentry Works
St. Joseph Garage Workshop
St. Luke Gganda Clinic
Kitone Mattress Factory
Bannakaroli Volunteer Association


Kiteredde Poultry Farm
Ssembabule Balunzi Ranch
Kiteredde Dairy Farm
Kiteredde Piggery Farm
MItyebiri Beef Farm
St. Mary's Farm, Kabingo
Young Farmers' Association​

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