Dr. Micael Clarke, Chair

Micael Clarke is associate professor of English at Loyola University. She has worked with the Brothers of St. Charles Lwanga for 30 years, serving as teacher, fundraiser, grant writer, and academic advisor. In her current position as Board Chair, she manages all meetings, public outreach, and fundraising. She maintains communication between the Board members, the Brothers in Africa, and the Foundation's friends and donors.

Dr. Susan Ross

Dr. Susan Ross is Professor of Theology at Loyola University Chicago. She holds a doctorate from the University of Chicago and has traveled to the areas the Bannakaroli serve three times. She assists the Board with fundraising and education.

Wanda Glitz

Wanda Glitz is a military wife and registered nurse. After being honorably discharged from the Air National Guard as Captain, she has volunteered extensively in homeless outreach, pro-life work, immigration assistance, historic preservation, and religious education. At the Bannakaroli Foundation, she has organized  fundraisers to benefit the Brothers' St. Joseph Tech/Sec School in Uganda.

Jim Salvatore