2018's Project

Last year, we supported the Bannakaroli in their Teen Mother's Program at the Watoto wa Lwanga compound in Nairobi, Kenya. While it serves over 2000 children from infancy through high-school, many young mothers remain disadvantaged--most leave school to care for their children. This project provides funding for 50 women and their children to receive vocational training, child care, health insurance, and breakfast/lunch to foster self-sufficiency. The cost per one woman for a year is $502.


 Our September 29, 2018 fundraiser raised over $41000 to aid the Brothers in caring for these young mothers.





Kiteredde, Uganda

Beginning in 2015, the Foundation led a successful letter writing campaign to fund a small submersible water pump that, by reaching new and lower water tables, now provides clean drinking water to more than 2100 people in Kiteredde, the Brothers' headquarters. Those served include students of Kiteredde Secondary School, Kiteredde Vocational Institute, St. Joseph Secondary Technical School, and the brothers, novices, and staff at St. Teresa Novitiate.

Kasaali, Uganda

The Board's second project sought to replace the maize mill in Kasaali Sub County with a modern hammer milling plant. Improving first and foremost the lives of the women and children who manually pounded their maize, millet, rice, and cassava, this modern facility provides employment opportunities and cheaper food stuffs for all the Brothers' schools in Uganda. About 14000 people are estimated to benefit from this new processing facility.

Kiteredde, Uganda

The Board's most recent and most ambitious project to date, the irrigation system fulfills the most basic needs of the communities the Brothers serve--water to grow food. Initially plagued by economic and environmental difficulties, donor generosity exceeded the project's initial budget of $35000. When completed, the irrigation system will consist of additional wells and pump houses and help better water crops throughout the year, improve student nutrition, and ensure food security for the surrounding communities.