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Every year, the Board coordinates with the Bannakaroli in Africa to select and help fund a critically-needed "seed project." These projects address immediate needs in the Brothers' communities while providing a foundation for greater self-sufficiency and security for the Brothers' institutes, farms, and programs.


Opus Prize Finalist and 2018's Project

Last year, we supported the Bannakaroli in their Teen Mother's Program at the Watoto wa Lwanga compound in Nairobi, Kenya. While it serves over 2000 children from infancy through high-school, many young mothers remain disadvantaged--most leave school to care for their children. This project provides funding for 50 women and their children to receive vocational training, child care, health insurance, and breakfast/lunch to foster self-sufficiency. The cost per one woman for a year is $502.

 Our September 29, 2018 fundraiser raised over $41000 to aid the Brothers in caring for these young mothers. On November 22 of 2019, Brother Charles represented the Brothers in accepting a finalist prize of $100,000 dollars to further benefit the teen mothers of Watoto wa Lwanga.


Submersible Pump Project

Kiteredde, Uganda


When the Board first formed in 2014, Uganda's drought lowered the water tables below the level of the Brother's original wells. Water drawn for cooking, bathing, and drinking was sourced from open ponds shared with animals. The Board's first project, then, was to raise enough money for a deeper well, a submersible pump that could extend below ground, and a water tank. With the Board's first fundraiser in June of 2015 and a gift from the Water Charity in partnership with the Peace Corps, the Brothers were able to raise the funds to construct this pump system. The pump was installed on February 3, 2016, and currently pumps enough water to serve each of its surrounding communities, including the Brothers' residence, the Novitiate, St. Joseph's Technical School, Kiteredde Secondary School, and Kiteredde Vocational School.

Hammer Milling Plant

Kasaali Sub County, Uganda


The target of our second $25000 fundraiser, the hammer milling plant relieves peasant farmers (mostly women and children) from traditional, labor-intensive farming methods. With a mill to efficiently pound food-stuffs like rice, cassava, millet, and maize, and a facility to house the equipment and finished product, the plant provides healthy food for around 14000 people, lower cereal costs for schools, employment opportunities, and a lucrative source of income for the Bannakaroli's schools in the region. Because of our donors' exceptional generosity, this plant remains in operation today and allows for the self-sufficiency toward which the Brothers consistently strive.

Irrigation System

Kiteredde, Uganda


Fulfilling the most basic of human necessities--the need for water, this project has been the Foundation's most challenging. In initial estimates, it was thought that providing water through an irrigation system for crops, student nutrition, and food security would cost around $35000. Because of volatile economic forces inflating the Ugandan currency, the initial estimates fell short. Thanks to the outstanding generosity of our friends, the Foundation raised $56000 dollars. We thank our friends, The Water Charity, Greg Dellinger and the parish of St. Raphael's in Naperville, Ellen Gull, and an anonymous donor for their help in bringing potable water to the Brothers' facilities in Uganda.

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