The 500-strong order was founded in 1927 by Archbishop Henry Streicher, one of the early White Father Missionaries in Africa. The Brothers' Mother House is located in Kiteredde, Uganda, and they serve Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. The Brothers' serve God and the youth in their communities by acting as teachers, catechists, technicians, nurses, masons, carpenters, electricians, shoemakers, and social workers. 

Through a partnership with Loyola University Chicago's Jesuit Community forged 30 years ago, 2 brothers study at the university each year receiving advanced degrees in various disciplines, including business and education. Using the skills learned in their programs, the brothers return to Africa better equipped to serve as leaders in the various institutes their order maintains. 

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In Memory of Austine Guma


Attended Loyola University Chicago from 2015-2017 seeking a Masters in Education as well as assisting the Bannkaroli Board in their efforts.
He passed tragically in a car accident after returning to Africa in November, 2017.