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In Memoriam

Superior General

Brother Norbert Emmanuel Mugarura

Born December 28, 1972

Died July 3, 2019


Brother Norbert joined the Brothers in January of 1992, made his First Vows on January 6, 1995, and completed his Final Vows on January 6, 2002. He was elected Superior General of the Bannakaroli on January 27, 2019, and was the first Superior General to die in office after serving less than six months.

During his inaugural speech for the position of Superior General, he had little to say about others' expectations. His only concern (as expressed to the Brothers) was to follow the Constitution of the Congregation, and this is what he was doing when he was murdered on a pastoral visit to the capital, Kampala.

He was simple and lived an exemplary life as a religious brother. He was at once soft-spoken and critical--one who feared nothing when it came to issues of justice, transparency, and human dignity.

His record as a high school principal for fifteen years demonstrated his excellence to those who knew him. He stood for human dignity and fought tirelessly for social justice. His martyrdom and blood paid a ransom for his congregation.

Brother Norbert is gone, but the impact and difference he made among his people lives forever. As he himself said:

"Whatever we acquire in this world makes a meaning when it makes other people live better."

Written by Brother Charles Nuwagaba, Former Vicar to the Superior General and life long friend of Brother Norbert's

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