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Serving the Brothers of St. Charles Lwanga

The Bannakaroli Foundation helps spread awareness about the mission of the Brothers of St. Charles Lwanga, the first indigenous Catholic religious order in Africa. They serve Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania through their education initiatives as well as by providing healthcare, agricultural services, and economic development to the children and marginalized communities they serve.​


Brother Charles Nuwagaba describes the Kibera Slum in Nairobi and the ways the Brothers of St. Charles Lwanga provide education, child care, and vocational skills that recognize the dignity of Kibera's marginalized population.

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The Board

The Bannakaroli Foundation serves the Bannakaroli Brothers in East Africa. Its all-volunteer board assists with fundraising for the Brothers' schools, farms, and institutions. The Board also raises funds for separate, yearly initiatives taken up on behalf of the order.

Dr. Micael Clarke: Chair

Dr. Susan Ross

Brother Charles Nuwagaba

Brother Gordian Twesigye

Wanda Glitz

Robert Glitz

Patrick McCarthy

Ellen Gull

Bruce Montes

Lisa Salvatore


Founded in 1927, the Brothers of St. Charles Lwanga, or Bannakaroli ("those of Charles Lwanga"), was the first indigenous Catholic order in Africa south of the Sahara. The order's namesake is Charles Lwanga, a page of the anti-Christian King Mwanga of Buganda, who, upon learning one of the younger pages was being taught from the catechism, executed Charles and 21 others in 1886. The Bannakaroli work by striving to follow his example. Click here to learn more about the Brothers' projects and lives at Loyola.


In addition to online donations, you may also mail checks to 6235 N. Kenmore, Chicago, Illinois 60660.